that ‘idles’ moment

I’m not at Glastonbury this’s been quite a while since I missed it but as a lover of rain & cold weather (weird, I know) I’m really not pining for the baking sun.

I’d decided to not watch any of the festival coverage this year as it’s never the same as being there so why bother. I did however relent yesterday & switch on to watch Idles…I hope you did the same.

I’ve been to a lot of gigs both indoors and in fields & I might not be an expert on writing about them & my views my differ to yours, but I know what I like & I know the difference between a ‘moment’ and just another gig.

Idles performance on the Park stage was…a moment.


I, maybe like you, first heard about them when they played on Jools Holland & it really was one of those performances where you sit up & think…I really haven’t seen anything like that before. And as someone who has spent most of my leisure time listening to music or watching bands, that’s what I’m looking for each time I see a band play live.

And as with anything in life, to see someone with a passion for what they do, makes them interesting and makes you want to go along for the ride.

I saw them play in Manchester not so long ago, told my brother who lives in New Zealand to go & see them, which he did… you don’t know my brother (or maybe you do) but he’s as picky as me about music. He’s lived in New Zealand a while and proclaimed “Idles renewed my faith in music…the best thing I’ve seen since I moved to New Zealand” and a lot of English bands do travel there to play.

The Glastonbury performance I watched yesterday was close to a perfect gig.

Energy, anger, presence and a lot of emotion.

I saw it in the eyes of some of the people at the front when the Fat White Family played the Park in 2015 , I saw it in the eyes of the congregation in the converted church when I saw Idles in Manchester & I saw it again last night.

Women were crying at the touching tribute that Joe, the lead singer, gave to his wife and men crying pretty much at the same.

Joe said that he had been the guy watching and being moved when we had seen bands at the festival such as The Walkmen & Battles play the Park Stage…that he had been the guy that had dreamt of being on the stage, and that he was now that guy. Something else that made it so moving was that could be any of us if we tried.

A great gig has that thing that a great film has where you don’t turn off after 5 mins, where you don’t want it to end, where something different is happening..I asked a friend the other day how you would describe “that thing” that grabs you and says this is a moment and we agreed you just can’t. You just know it and feel it.

Idles at Glastonbury had that thing & the vale of Avalon was a more beautiful place for an afternoon thanks to them.

Cancel whatever else you had planned for the next 58mins and see if you agree: link




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