do you own the dancefloor?

Thanks for clicking the link & ending up here…

I made a film a bit ago called do you own the dancefloor? with the main aim to raise as much as I can for Cancer Research.

What’s it about: 
It’s about people, who happen to own a piece of the Hacienda nightclub.
Click this link and watch the trailer for the film: Click here

Can you help?
Whether you like the subject, the hacienda, or not, can you please share this page with anyone you might know who likes a good documentary.

We have a handful of showings left, and we’d really like to make a final push to raise more for CRUK.

Where is the film showing?

May 17th (at Everyman Cinemas)

May 21st (the hacienda birthday)
As part of the Everyman Film & Music festival we have a special showing at the Everyman Cinema in Kings Cross – Tickets
DJ Graeme Park & Ben Kelly (who designed the Hacienda) will be there for our q&a.
The q&a will be hosted by the brilliant Claire Bueno – Here’s the link to Claire’s website


There will be an afterparty across the road at Spiritland, where Graeme will be DJing

Now you have read this..
Please retweet, share the link or share this webpage.

And lastly, thanks so much for your support

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