A Saturday in Avalon…a short film

What am I doing?
I’m making a film about The Glastonbury Festival.
It’s a short (approx. 10 mins long), with profits going to Wateraid.
I’ve been in touch with the Festival who would like to see the finished film, hopefully with a view to showing it there next year.

What’s it about?
I’m asking people to share what summed up the Sat. of the Festival last year. It doesn’t matter what it was. It can be some food you ate, a sunset, someone you met…anything.

Then fast forward to June 23rd this year…
I’m asking the same.. what did you do on this day, from the time of day that really sums up the essence of it. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be waking up, having a great
breakfast or a nice walk, reading a book or having your own festival in honour of the great festival that is Glastonbury .

What am I asking people to submit for the film?

If you’d like to contribute, record a piece to camera of yourself saying what 1 memory you have from each of the Saturdays, last year at the Festival and on June 23rd this year. Nothing too long, say 30 secs max.

If you don’t want to show your face…just record your voice.

Not essential, but would be nice…Please also send a max number of 4 pics, 2 from each year, and some footage if you have it.
If you send footage or photos…
If you can clearly make out someone’s face, as in they are in a group photo with you, please ensure you have checked with them that we can use the photo.
Please send to my personal email mypig7@aol.com with the subject line: Avalon
If the files are large please send by wetransfer.com, it’s free upto a certain amount.
Unfortunately I can’t pay you.. for your contribution to the film, I’m funding it from my savings. So in sending your footage etc. you are agreeing that no payment will be given for your contribution.
I will be giving a % of any money I make to Wateraid. I have already told the Festival people this. Once the film is done, you’ll get a credit on the film, and I’ll ensure you get notification before anyone else of where it will be shown. I’ll also share with you exclusive pics etc from it.
One last thing
Please put your full name, your location in any message that you send to me so I can keep track of who has sent what.
If I haven’t told you before…
I made this as my 1st film. Let me know if you’d like to know more vimeo.com/130747919
Anything else?
Nope, just go for it and tell me the story of your perfect moment when you might normally be sat in a field on a Saturday in Avalon.
And finally, thanks so much for agreeing to be part of this. I’ll try and make it amazing!
Chris Hughes
Shiny Brick Films

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