#1 A Saturday in Avalon

Did you goto the Glastonbury Festival lest year?

Do you want to be in my new documentary A Saturday in Avalon?

Please read on….

With Glastonbury not being on this year I’m making a documentary (looking at 30min running time) where I ask people who went last year to share with me a couple of images, short bit of footage or i’view to camera of them summing up which moment captures their Sat at Glastonbury last year.

It can be from anytime on the Sat. but must capture what made that day so great.

Then for the Sat this year when it would be on if it was running, to do the same. Share with me what captures the essence of that Saturday.

I’m not asking for any pictures or footage just yet, I’m just hoping to get some people interested.

I showed my first film at the festival and aim to premiere the new one at next year’s festival.

Here is my trailer from my last film….vimeo.com/130747919

A percentage of profits will be going to water aid.

Do you think you’d be kind enough to contribute if I provide some more details?


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