LCD came to town

Last night LCD Soundsystem played at the Manchester Apollo.

Now I’ve been to the Apollo many many times, I’ve left gigs early if it’s not happening (no really!) and I’ve told the whole world when a band has just changed the face of it.

Last night was one of those that just seemed to happen just right.
As someone once said..”…it felt like the stars aligned”

The queue with 15mins to go looked like this…


(I think a nice evening, and people making the most of it before the gig led to the longest queue I’ve ever seen at the Apollo)

From the very off there was an atmosphere that I don’t often see at the venue. I could best describe it as having a party/rave feel to it, but being generated most definitely by a band playing real instruments.

For me seeing a band enjoy what they do, and to hear a front man share things that make you think ‘you’re real’, ‘your not too different to us’ just adds to it all.
Mr Murphy did just that….he told us that in Piccadilly Records, Manchester has a real Gem… (he spent 3 hrs there yesterday)…a gem that New York struggles to compete with & to see them enjoy us being there makes a gig that so much better.

The band played these songs, I won’t run through them all, this website does a great job of that.

James Murphy explained the deal with the ‘encore’ to everyone in just the perfect way. “We’ll go off, go to the bathroom maybe get a drink…we’re old” to then add that we didn’t need to clap in the traditional way, maybe we could have a chat, meet someone new, then they would come back on. We did, they played some intermission music, it worked  a treat…

I think the closest I can describe to the energy in the room was the band have taken a crowd that most definitely have been quite partial to a rave or 2 in their time, captured an essence of what makes a rave so good…when it’s good, and given it a flavour of its own.

If you want to know what I mean…ask anyone who was stood on their feet, arms in the air as if praising the words of an evangelical priest at the height of a sermon, and belting out…Where are your friends tonight?


All that and throw in a massive mirror ball.

It was just spot on.

“I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision, for another five years of life” — James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem


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